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Item no Vendor Item name Type
(multiple) Aptech GAUSS Mathematical and Statistical System 20 Software
(multiple) Bradly Associates GINO 9 Software
(multiple) DeviceLock DeviceLock 8.3 Software
(multiple) Embarcadero C++Builder 10.3 Software
(multiple) Embarcadero Delphi 10.3 Software
(multiple) Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.3 Software
(multiple) Flexera InstallShield 2019 Software
(multiple) Sencha Ext JS 7 Software
(multiple) Sophos XG Software
(multiple) VOOM DriveWiper 3 Software
(multiple) VOOM Hard Copy 3P Software



Order Item no Vendor Item name Type Price excl. tax Price incl. tax
Order 20912 Tableau TC-PCIE-8 Cable. PCIe adapter cable. 8 in. Must be used with a Tableau PCIe Product Hardware 21,00 € 26,04 €
Order 116529 Voom DriveWiper 3 w/ Adapters Hardware 2 231,67 € 2 767,27 €