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Vendor: Codima
UN Group: UN-43232800 - Network management software

Codima Enterprise Network Inventory Toolbox

Codima offers three modular Toolboxes all based on the Network Discovery. The first Toolbox handles everything around Network Inventory the second Toolbox ads Topology Maps in Web and Visio and the Third Toolbox ads Network Monitoring with Alert & Ticketing.

Discover accurate details about all hardware and software for Network Inventory details on a network, critically without using Agents. Helps users make informed decisions using reliable device data, with minimum effort, after a Network Discovery the Network Inventory is fully setup and ready to go. Keep track of all Network Devices, plus use ITIL to add extra devices in stock, in transit or failed and so not Discovered. Helps you budget and plan for additional devices, as you can export the entire device list in an Excel File which can easily be converted into a Word or PDF file. Map your Network Topology in Web and Visio. Provides real-time Device Monitoring using a fully scalable server-based Network Monitoring engine, rather than a browser plugin, with a fully automated rule-based setup. Saves time, increases reliability, and improves productivity, making device network management simple.

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  • Windows 10
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  • ESD

  • Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
    Order24945Codima Enterprise Network Inventory Toolbox 100 Assets Annual SubscriptionSubscription90,75 €112,53 €
    Order193034Codima Enterprise Network Inventory Toolbox 100 assets Perpetual with 1Y MaintenanceLicense378,79 €469,70 €
    Order193033Codima Enterprise Network Inventory Toolbox 100 assets Perpetual without MaintenanceLicense315,66 €391,42 €
    Order193031Codima Enterprise Network Inventory Toolbox 1000 Assets Annual SubscriptionSubscription789,15 €978,55 €
    Order193032Codima Enterprise Network Inventory Toolbox 2500 Assets Annual SubscriptionSubscription1 972,89 €2 446,38 €
    Order193030Codima Enterprise Network Inventory Toolbox 500 Assets Annual SubscriptionSubscription394,58 €489,28 €

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