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Vendor: Paessler GmbH
UN Group: UN-43232800 - Network management software

Paessler GmbH PRTG

PRTG monitors your entire IT infrastructure. All important technologies are supported, including SNMP (ready-to-use and custom options), WMI and Windows Performance Counters, SSH (for Linux/Unix and macOS systems), traffic analysis using flow protocols or packet sniffing, HTTP requests, REST APIs returning XML or JSON, Ping, SQL, and many more.

Visualize your network using real-time maps with live status information. Create dashboards with the PRTG map designer, and integrate all your network components using more than 300 different map objects such as device and status icons, traffic charts, top lists, and more. Individualize your map using custom HTML. Once you’re done, share your map as a URL that is accessible either publicly or only internally on your LAN.

PRTG alerts you when it discovers problems or unusual metrics. PRTG comes with many built-in mechanisms for notifications, such as email, push, or HTTP requests. With our free apps for Android and iOS, you can get push notifications delivered directly to your phone. Adapt the notification system to suit your needs and schedule alerts (such as ‘no low priority alerts at night’), or avoid alarm floods by using dependencies. You can even use our PRTG API to write your own notifications.

Available as:

  • Commercial license
  • Academic license
  • Goverment license
  • Volume license

  • OS support:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Win32
  • Win64
  • Media available:

  • ESD

  • Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
    Order101808PRTG Network Monitor 1000 Sensors + 1 Year Maintenance v14 (ESD)License2 350,00 €2 914,00 €
    Order13778PRTG Network Monitor 1000 Sensors + 3 Year Maintenance v14 (ESD)License3 348,75 €4 152,45 €
    Order101811PRTG Network Monitor 2500 Sensors + 1 Year Maintenance v14 (ESD)License4 950,00 €6 138,00 €
    Order19822PRTG Network Monitor 2500 Sensors + 3 Year Maintenance v14 (ESD)License7 053,75 €8 746,65 €
    Order101810PRTG Network Monitor 500 Sensors + 1 Year Maintenance v14 (ESD)License1 300,00 €1 612,00 €
    Order52581PRTG Network Monitor 500 Sensors + 3 Year Maintenance v14 (ESD)License1 852,50 €2 297,10 €
    Order191216PRTG Network Monitor 500 Sensors + 5 Year Maintenance v14 (ESD)License2 356,25 €2 921,75 €
    Order17662PRTG Network Monitor 5000 Sensors + 1 Year Maintenance v14 (ESD)License8 900,00 €11 036,00 €
    Order23358PRTG Network Monitor 5000 Sensors 3 Years Maintenance Renewal (ESD)License6 007,50 €7 449,30 €
    Order17889PRTG Network Monitor XL1/Unlimited Sensors + 3 Year Maintenance v14 (ESD)License17 812,50 €22 087,50 €
    Order14863PRTG XL1/Unlimited (Upgrade from 500) with 12 maintenance months includedLicense11 200,00 €13 888,00 €

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