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This Partition Recovery solution for Windows is a complete package of advanced data recovery options and easy-to-learn user interface. Some of the features: Drive Recovery The software is designed to work on Windows platform to smoothly recover your seemingly lost files, pictures, documents, and more. With this tool on hand, you can deal with all aspects of data loss, including accidental media formatting, disk corruption, and unintentional deletion of files. The software is your ultimate data recovery solution when the file system on your Windows drive suffers from some kind of corruption and you need to get back your lost documents. The tool supports recovery from FAT, NTFS, and ExFAT drives and volumes. Lost Partition Recovery The tool works just fine to recover lost partitions that are completely blinked out of existence because of an incorrect partitioning operation or due to accidental partition deletion, missing partition, or crashed partition etc. Stellar partition recovery software allows searching these volumes on the hard drive and quickly regaining access to your valuable data. Once you find the missing volumes, you can initiate data recovery using any of your preferred scan option under 'Drive Recovery'. If the software does not find missing volumes, you can perform 'Raw Recovery' to randomly scan the physical disk for lost data. Recover Photos and Multimedia Content The software performs error-free scanning of your hard drive to recover photos, videos, movies, and other multimedia files. With support for broad range of image, audio, and video file types, the tool works for all situations of photo loss on digital cameras, laptop/desktop hard drives, memory cards, and external media devices

Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
Order190436Stellar Data Recovery for BSD-Technician-ENSubscription608,00 €753,92 €
Order190437Stellar Data Recovery for HP UNIX-Technician-ENSubscription695,00 €861,80 €
Order190438Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone v4.2-Mac-EN [1 Year Subscription]Subscription35,00 €43,40 €
Order190439Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone v4.2-Mac-EN [2 Year Subscription]Subscription53,00 €65,72 €
Order190440Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone v4.2-Mac-Technician-EN [1 Year Subscription]Subscription87,00 €107,88 €
Order190441Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone v4.2-Windows-EN [1 Year Subscription]Subscription35,00 €43,40 €
Order190442Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone v4.2-Windows-EN [2 Year Subscription]Subscription53,00 €65,72 €
Order190443Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone v4.2-Windows-Technician-EN [1 Year Subscription]Subscription87,00 €107,88 €
Order190444Stellar Data Recovery for LinuxSubscription69,00 €85,56 €
Order190445Stellar Data Recovery for Linux TechnicianSubscription174,00 €215,76 €
Order190446Stellar Data Recovery for NSS-Technician-ENSubscription260,00 €322,40 €
Order190447Stellar Data Recovery for NWFS-Technician-ENSubscription260,00 €322,40 €
Order190448Stellar Data Recovery for SCO OpenServer-Technician-ENSubscription521,00 €646,04 €
Order190449Stellar Data Recovery for SCO UnixWare-Technician-ENSubscription695,00 €861,80 €
Order190450Stellar Data Recovery for Solaris -Technician-ENSubscription695,00 €861,80 €
Order190451Stellar Data Recovery for WindowsSubscription44,00 €54,56 €
Order190452Stellar Data Recovery for Windows Host-SOHO-ENSubscription100,00 €124,00 €
Order190453Stellar Data Recovery for Windows Host-Technician-ENSubscription226,00 €280,24 €
Order190454Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine-TechnicianSubscription260,00 €322,40 €
Order190455Stellar Data Recovery Premium for MacSubscription87,00 €107,88 €
Order190456Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac lifetimeLicense130,00 €161,20 €
Order190457Stellar Data Recovery Premium for WindowsSubscription87,00 €107,88 €
Order190458Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Windows LifetimeLicense130,00 €161,20 €
Order190459Stellar Data Recovery Professional for MacSubscription70,00 €86,80 €
Order190460Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac lifetimeLicense87,00 €107,88 €
Order190461Stellar Data Recovery Professional for WindowsSubscription70,00 €86,80 €
Order190462Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows LifetimeLicense87,00 €107,88 €
Order190463Stellar Data Recovery Standard for WindowsSubscription43,00 €53,32 €
Order190464Stellar Data Recovery Technician for MacSubscription174,00 €215,76 €
Order190465Stellar Data Recovery Technician for WindowsSubscription174,00 €215,76 €

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