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Amped Five is the most complete image processing software specifically designed for investigative, forensic and security applications. Its primary purpose is to provide forensic investigators a complete and unique solution to process and analyze digital images and video data in a simple, fast and precise way.

Through processing and analyzing both still and video images, then utilizing a clear workflow to present evidence that withstands the scrutiny of the courtroom, Amped Five is the forensic professional's trusted partner. Amped Five provides tools for solutions to a wide range of problems which are otherwise easily missed.

Since Five is self-contained, it can help to dramatically reduce the time required to process data and improves the success rate of various cases, from the restoration of low quality CCTV video to fingerprint analysis.

Did you know that there is an Express version of Amped FIVE? Do you know that it costs less than half of the Professional version? This version includes the most common functions for video surveillance but lacks advanced forensic functions, such as the Measure 3d feature and the scientific report that you get with the Professional version.

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