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Utimaco SafeGuard Easy provides full protection to your PC or notebook computer: no unauthorized user may access the device and read data or use the device as a tool to enter the company network. If a device gets into unauthorized hands the data is securely protected even if the hard disk is removed. Complete encryption of the entire hard disk and a user authentication procedure that runs before the operating system boots provide secure protection. Whether a single laptop or 10,000 PCs are to be protected, SafeGuard Easy allows easy implementation and enforcement of the IT security policy.

Lost or stolen laptops and desktop PCs are a major cause of data breaches. SafeGuard Easy protects confidential data on laptop and desktop PCs with full-disk encryption for internal and external hard disks - easily and transparently. If a PC is lost or stolen, the data is unreadable - even if the hard disk is removed - and you are protected and compliant with data security regulations.

If you need more encryption, you can easily upgrade to SafeGuard Enterprise. Only Sophos gives you industrial-strength encryption for your users’ computers, their shared folders, removable media and to the cloud. All this from a single agent and management console. Our industry-leading encryption stops data breaches and makes compliance simpler without getting in your way. And you save time because our protection is easy to manage.

Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
Order157592SafeGuard Data Exchange - 5-9 ClientsLicense29,00 €35,96 €
Order157580SafeGuard Device Encryption EN Win 1-9 Devices (Price per Device)License81,20 €100,69 €
Order157769SafeGuard Easy - 2-4 ClientsLicense70,80 €87,79 €
Order157568SafeGuard Encryption for Cloud Storage - 5-9 ClientsLicense11,60 €14,38 €
Order157604SafeGuard Encryption for File Shares - 5-9 ClientsLicense58,00 €71,92 €
Order158122SafeGuard Middleware - 5-9 ClientsLicense6,09 €7,55 €
Order157544SafeGuard Native Device - 5-9 ClientsLicense29,00 €35,96 €

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