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UN Group: UN-43232800 - Network management software

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2020

WhatsUp Gold provides complete IT management coverage for your wired and wireless networks, systems and applications to power your business. Routine management tasks, like Layer 2/3 discovery and mapping, are completely automated with WhatsUp Gold. Built-in IT asset and inventory reporting manages detailed device configuration data and up-to-date audit/compliance information. And real-time monitoring and performance reporting makes it easy to keep your entire infrastructure healthy and performing optimally. You get all of this out of the box in one application.

WhatsUp Gold also scales to meet the monitoring demands of any size network. A single WhatsUp Gold server can manage 20,000 devices and 100,000 monitors across geographically dispersed networks. With our suite of plug-ins, you can also extend the power of WhatsUp Gold to include change and configuration management, virtual infrastructure management and VoIP monitoring.

Simplicity. WhatsUp Gold and its plug-in suite are one integrated application. That means you have one download and a single pane of glass to access everything from network topology maps to router configuration files to traffic flow data to real-time alerts and over 200 network and infrastructure reports. It’s all provided in a single, intuitive Web console. And an easy drag-and-drop interface makes building and customizing dashboards simple.

WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite gives you all of the enterprise-grade features that you need, proven performance in over 100,000 networks worldwide, and complete deployment ease, at a fraction of the cost.

Use WhatsUp Gold Enterprise Suite to discover, map and manage your entire infrastructure - network devices, server, applications, virtual resources, VoIP, configuration settings and network traffic - from a single interface in a matter of minutes. It's that simple.

Available as:

  • Commercial license
  • User license

  • OS support:

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Win32
  • Win64
  • Media available:

  • ESD

  • Order Item no Name Type Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT 24%
    Order138460WhatsUp Gold Distributed Central 25 New Devices with 1 Year ServiceLicense2 429,47 €3 012,54 €
    Order138467WhatsUp Gold Flow Publisher New with 1 Year ServiceLicense713,77 €885,07 €
    Order183824WhatsUp Gold Subscription 100 New Devices with 1 Year ServiceSubscription1 547,23 €1 918,57 €
    Order183825WhatsUp Gold Subscription 300 New Devices with 1 Year ServiceSubscription2 899,40 €3 595,26 €
    Order183823WhatsUp Gold Subscription 50 New Devices with 1 Year ServiceSubscription1 059,57 €1 313,87 €
    Order174669WhatsUp Gold Total Plus 25 New Points with 1 Year ServiceLicense7 053,43 €8 746,25 €
    Order174676WhatsUp Gold Total Plus 25 New Points with 2 Years ServiceLicense8 813,47 €10 928,70 €
    Order132340WhatsUp Gold Traffic Analysis 5 Sources - License with 1Y Maint (Requires WUG) (ESD)License1 653,63 €2 050,50 €
    Order141321WhatsUp Gold Virtual Monitoring 25 New Devices with 1 Year ServiceLicense1 653,63 €2 050,50 €
    Order138475WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitoring New with 1 Year ServiceLicense1 001,93 €1 242,39 €

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